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released December 31, 2011



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Track Name: Dreamland

Twilight dissolved the sky,
Like pain poured inside the time.
Giant gates to dreamland opened,
In order to get there, just close your eyes
Relax and fly - down into abyss, you do it ewer night!

Somebody thinks this is a dream,
And someone knows that's reality,
And do not think, and do not try, just do it.
Like going in water up to you neck,
Like a fly in a cobweb,
Slowly and deeply, then you woke up!

Closing your eyes, you falling to abyss it’s so nice,
Who among you believes that it's the real world?
It is so close that it is too far, it so high, but still too low,
Want to enter there? Close your eyes and sleep!
Track Name: Pagancore

Vikings withes and just dark forces
Glorify the Gods,
There's something pagan in this,
But we're talking about other thing,
We were gonna have fun here!

Hey! Metal fans, join us! If you like jumping!
If you still alive, It means that the life
Is still alive in your blood!

Strengthen your neck.
This dance's gathering strength and power
Is coming the moment when the sound
Will take you so far, Let yourself off!
Let your blood burn up to the sky!

Hey! Metal fans, join us! If you like this song,
The witch from school,
The drunk viking and the satanist have fun!
Track Name: mr. Muscle

The power woke up inside me, and I got up at 6 am,
I felt like to do exercise and run 4 km.
Listen to me and do like I do, everyday,
Since this day - I'm waiting for you in gym!

Family human beings look at you.
You become a brawny and macho man,
And mirror reflect your muscle body!

Three years already passed,
But the muscles are growing up,
The gym became yore second home
And now when going out.
You feel that you're a warrior,
And you can take the sword!
High! Up! - You to powerful with sword!

The power inside, and feel that right,
Open your eyes - just for a time,
Exercise will make you hard!
Your spirit will be strong!
Track Name: Gothic

She likes the black and shadows, she paint her lips in black,
She takes all from her life, does not wait for good luck.
Her house is quite dark, memories of love on the wall,
Of world that lives and flourishes inside her outside!

Darkness looks at her from the walls,
Wishing to hug, wishing to own,
And opened her heart to the world
She plays a new game by her rules.
The night will show where to go,
Where to find what she seeks,
She can see in the darkness
And darkness will show where the fire burns!

She was born like that, and she opened in herself,
Was broken into pieces, and then reassembled into a new pattern.
Rara avis, even among those like her,
Against the backgrounds of shadows
She shines and is being released!

Track Name: the Thing
the Thing

Some day in the some place, Whas born some kid in a dwell,
And doctor say "-shoot him, If that something move again!"
And that something say to him : What are you look at me?,
Punch doctor in face, And gone away.

People say that was a child Of the bear and maybe alien,
That have a drunken sex And result of that experiment-
We have on first looking terrible thing, with claws just open car,
And feed himself by frozen meet!

Him live on the tree, in the urban park, Hunting the birds, and sometimes, drunken guys
And one day amateur operator make video, On camera was shooting that creature.
And then appear producer of cinema company, Who give to hero chocolate
Then speech to that monster, Come with me, creature, I’ll give you all what you need,-
You artist, you born for this, -play in cinema!

People say I’m freak and ugly, Maybe better run far far away
From me where can you hide in hollow, in darkness
And now, I gonna sell my art, my face will be welcome in USA,
My face can play in Hollywood In the movie of horror!

Film crew on site, rehearsing share, On scenario, a tall - blond blew eyed monster wins,
And save the beauty, delirium with happy-ending.
But own hero did not understand, what he should directors,
And why blew eyed blond rushed at him, Our something just in case bite blonde head!
Track Name: Smoke

I like to rest in dark club where a dim
Light is reflected in own eyes,
Drinks, good music and pretty girls
Make company for us.

Air vibrate and the waves of music
Pulsing through the smoke,
Handing in the air, smoke, thick layer,
In the deep clouds of smoke.
Thick as the fog, dense as water,
I love to breathe fresh air,
But the smoke hangs - in the air
And better off without him.
Track Name: Emotion

Abandoned stone, lying on the ground
Overgrown with grass - weighed down with time.
This stone has been thrown by me! Filled with emotions,
Crushed by the silence! Emotions!

All of what I believed, I put in the stone,
I threw it far.
I carried it far, never turning back,
I feel lighter now.

Abyss dark and deep, full of emptiness,
Cowered with stone, this is full of darkness.

Abandoned stone - lying on the ground,
Cowers the abyss filled with darkness,
Remembers me with nothingness, emptiness,
But I left it far behind.

Pas will not come back, but the present it worth,
More than the future created by the past.
All that I believed - I cannot deny it,
Now I believe in something else.